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  1. Dear Peggy, I was so happy to get your March Daybook, I was afraid you had taken me off your list. I love your work and you inspire me so much. I am 73, past the middle age, wear my gray hair gray and love it, even though my friends tell me I would look younger if I colored it, I am what I am and I am a happy woman. I have decided to accept the fact I don't care to learn all it takes to have my Blog, FB etc. on, I lost the Blog somehow?? and have too many fun things I am doing to spend so much time learning new stuff!! A favorite quote that has really helped me is "My goal is no longer to get more done, but rather to have less to do." Amen, I want to play and simplify, thank you again for your encouraging Blog and Collages, which I do. I make what I call my Inspirational Journals, such fun. I admire your homeschooling with your children. I did one year for a granddaughter and I raised twins with Cerebral Palsy, my daughter and Mother both died within weeks of each other from Ovarian Cancer in 2013. Your readings and music sooth my soul and my surviving daughter who also has cancer. Thank you, Thank you Thank you!! warmly, Judy Collier

    1. Oh my....so nice to hear from you, Judy! No, I do remove anyone from the subscribers list :-) Yes, we are who we are and I loving the idea of gray hair. Funny you mention that as I just finished a new paper cut collage in honor of that very thing! Yes, less is the season I am in and I do enjoy the very thought. I am so glad that you shared with me and I honor your presence here. You are very welcome!

  2. I would love to see Judy's inspirational journals....bearing up under trials strengthens our faith....